Friday, February 19, 2010

Teens In Diaper Blog I Am A Teen Diaper Lover And Need Some Advice?

I am a teen diaper lover and need some advice? - teens in diaper blog

In recent years I have received many layers. I am an average teenager Smart Kid. I kept this secret for years until recently my parents have learned, everything that had happened, managed to remove all my hidden layers. Anyone who has ever between me and my parents and it is said a state, but I know you do not want to talk. However, I recently had the need to wear diapers again. I must admit, my parents and what they should say / do. I am not at all interested in the ideals expressed many lovers of the other layers of the babies / young people and I'm not gay. What should I do?


wetsaway said...

Be open and honest with them. Tell them you love bears, and why, if they understand that, as you say are the things I'm sure you can work something with them to use.

Perhaps you can use at home or on the weekend anything, provided they do not let them see their parents or something.

Think about the circumstances under which you would be willing to compromise for their use. Instead, the weekend, you might say, that if you can take all the time and use it for, what they are intended. In other words, it is only her underwear and had to use them and deal with all the consequences that go with him if you want tor use. That would have to decide how much you really use.

Think long and hard, and then a conversation with them. I'm sure you can work on something.

Good luck.

!~Mz.Mar... said...

Umm ......... can only be as honest and share your feelings and your parents are quick to understand where they come and do not forget that every person is different and unique in its way.

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